miércoles, 20 de octubre de 2010

eVeRy KnOwS

It’s something very sad to see
Catch the wind, back out
I can’t hold and get sick
Could be fine to guess another thing
But have no time yet...
I can’t save the world now
But can’t sit and go down
I can try to show you up
Many other good ways

They can show if I can show
That everyman is every known
Every little shit every bad word
Every simply things are every known
God Jah Jah, Like every knows
Living outside our minds
In Babylon town
Wear and fit but anyway heart
Beware the man who sold the world

Babylon target, Jah Jah storm
Chapa da Ska Ha¡¡ jamming’ in soul
It’s so hard to think out in the street
In Babylon Town

Can you see, what they‘re doing to me?

Until the sunshine
Like every knows
Need just one night to think on your own
Until de sun falls
Like every knows
We won’t stop fight whit us

Can you see, what they‘re doing to me?

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